Thanks on Tesla. Made a whopping $18,000 in just 4 trading days.

— Richard Biltmore

I wanted to express my gratitude for the Tesla trade alert! With your guidance, I was able to capture a quick-hit profit of $37,200, 388% in less than 1 week!!! Beyond my wildest dreams.

— Charlie Pittman

We just made $72,386 on our second trade with you in 3 days.

— Debbie Gorman

Your Tesla recommendations resulted in a $128,000 gain in 3 days in my portfolio.

— Nick Martucci

Over the last six weeks, I invested $10,014. Sold for $24,503, a $14,487 profit!!!

— Danielle Bouchard

I am a 78-year-old retired engineer. I started out very cautiously, but in 8 months I’m up 90%.

— Peter Kincaid

Chad, I am very thankful for you. You made my dream come true … I quit my job!

— Roy Sullivan

This was my first win with you, and it was a BIG one. A 589% profit in three months.

— Cameron Shepherd

Just sold my Caterpillar positions for $17,568. 

— Gordon White

Thanks Chad, I took 50% on the first half and just sold the second for a more than 600% gain. Awesome!”

— Karl Peters

I bought the option on Phillip Morris for $7,250 five days ago and sold today for an 84% gain! You’re a rock star!

— Scott Koehler

Chad, I made 935% on that last trade. I have no words to describe except that I think you’re a genius.

— Chris Bowers

I purchased your Oct 16 AAPL call, 4 contracts, for $10,002.60. This morning I closed them for $47,555.48. How about them Apples, am I right?

— Tom Brenner

My goal was to double my initial funds in one year. Six months in, and I am on pace to meet that goal.

— David Bloch

Four months into the year and I’ve made $50,000 on your two TSLA trades: 388% in two days on one, 58% in two days on another. Twenty years of investing, first-time options trader!

— Charlie Pittman

So far I have only been involved in 3 trades since I came on board. I have already made more than the annual subscription fee.

— Jerry Carmichael

I joined your service 3 ½ days ago. Thus far, my profits have gone $33,400 higher just based on three of your recommendations. I am excited to continue. Thank you for your outstanding work.” 

— Jay Roman

 Since my membership inception, starting with $36,371, I’ve made a quarterly profit of $3,000.”

— Tyler Barnes

 Thank you, thank you, thank you. I locked in 50% gains in under two months!

— Thomas Wong

Guys, you have to show this to people so they can see how the profit stacks work! I started with $50,000 and I’m already up $12,740 in 30 days! That’s 25% returns!

— Matt T.

My entire position made a gain of more than 92% in under two months! Amazing!

— Janice T. 

On one trade, I locked in an 18.7% total profit in 7 days. On another, 44.2% total profit in 49 days. I could not be happier with the results of your recommendations. 

— Glenn F. 

I actually got in late on the FCX trade but still managed to make over 27% profit in only two weeks. This is exciting!

— Julia C. 

Up 38% on this trade in just 6 weeks! Thanks, Chad! IAG netted 10% in 8 days, so I’m very happy with that trade as well. Let’s keep them coming! 

— Robert B.

I sold 500 shares of FCX for a 43% gain in one month! 

— Lucas M.

It’s a pleasure to subscribe to a service that works” 

— Lawrence R.

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