Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP) Stock Trending Upward – Investopedia

Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP) Stock Trending Upward – Investopedia

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Today, I shared my insights on Hudson Pacific Properties (NYSE: HPP) stock graph and its trend upward.

Hudson Pacific Properties is a West Coast real estate investment trust (REIT), and graphs show that this stocks is set to breakout in the next coming months. With the surge of roughly 87 million millennials entering the real estate market, the industry has surged more than 20% since early February, and after a recent dip, the stock is in position to rally another 20%.

How do I know that HPP is about to produce some favorable gains? The key to analyzing the rally is by reading the familiar chart pattern in which the stock is trading. The pattern, an ascending triangle, is an easily visible pattern that gives us a clear price target.

HPP stock 2018

It is merely a waiting game before the price breaks out and provides considerable gains for investors buying in now. Considering that most ascending triangle patterns are continuation patterns, we can look for an upward breakout through the red line, reaching a gain of just over 21%.

Read the full stock analysis on Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP) for more information.

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