Chad Shoop’s Story

Of all my life experiences and the people who influenced me — my parents, brothers, friends, teachers and bosses — the day of my son’s birth is the one that drove me to succeed.

From that moment, I strove to have a job that I was passionate about. I didn’t want to come home every day complaining, or to be angry when I left my family each day to go to work.

It was at that moment in 2009 that I decided I was going to do something for the rest of my life that I enjoyed.

I knew too many people who chose to chase money and ended up miserable. Maybe you know a few, too.

The only topic I liked in school was finance. I followed the markets and had watched CNBC even in high school.

I knew the path I was on — and that took me directly to investing.

For me, the markets are an adrenaline rush, and they’re extremely rewarding.

I was, and still am, passionate about investing.

It’s why I get up early to monitor the markets before they even open for subscribers of my three services, Pure Income, Earnings Drift Alert and Automatic Profits Alert. I monitor them throughout the day while staying in contact with my subscribers via weekly updates, trade alerts and my contributions to Banyan Hill’s American Investor Today articles.

Now I’m sharing my skills with my son, who sees the joy and passion my job brings to me.

I’m so passionate because I don’t see what I’m doing as just a job.

No one is forcing me to continue my education or telling me to do things I don’t want to do.

This is what I would choose over anything else in the job market, because I enjoy it, and I’m proud to do it.

I remember being asked a lot in high school what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Well, like many teenagers, I didn’t know.

They would ask, “Well, what if you were a millionaire? What you would do then, if money weren’t a consideration? That’s what you should do.”

Well, I, for one, can say I’d be doing the exact same thing I’m doing now: trading stocks.

My Certifications


CMT LogoChartered Market Technician
CMT Association
Issued 2016


Bachelor's Degree in Finance
USC at Greensboro
Graduated May 2011
Bachelor's Degree in Economics
USC at Greensboro
Graduated May 2011

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